dancing barefoot over broken glass

Yeah, so I ran into this post recently on the Daily Mail.

Anybody notice that it was a RARE form of the bacteria.

There’s a reason it’s rare – it very seldom happens.

I can’t remember what television channel I had on the other day (thank God) but every third commercial was about bedbugs running rampant all over the US andalsoplus -the dreaded and nefarious DUSTMITES.

In case anybody didn’t know it, there are mites of some kind on pretty much everything, everywhere, all the damn time. Skin, flour, toothbrushes … EVERYTHING. Always have been and until we evolve into beings that live their entire lives inside of a plastic bubble, with a disinfection option on our highly evolved gauntlets, always WILL be.

This shit is not as prevalent, or as deadly, as the media makes it out to be. It’s a way to garner readership/viewers for media and for companies to bolster sales.

In some cases I think that kind of crap actually causes problems. Too much cleanliness leads to compromised immune systems. If y’all had seen the way I grew up you’d DIE from the horror of it.

And yet, here I (and my brothers and sisters) are. And we’ve all gone on to create more living, healthy offspring.

Also, I love how the people that this shit happens to are “normal” middle class folks. Wouldn’t you think people who live in run-down neighborhoods or in the deep south or hang out in crackhouse neighborhoods would be infested/contaminated as well – even more so?

Look for the Girl With The Sun in Her Eyes

OMG … I finally did the damn taxes today. I don’t know why I put it off for so long every year. We do TurboTax and it only takes me about an hour. One income, no kids, no itemizing – we lead a simple fucking life.

Well, I DO KNOW why I waited until today instead of doing them on Monday; I was pissed (still am) at BigD.

Really?” you say. “No shit,” you say.

Yeah, no shit, I say.

He occasionally FORGETS who does his laundry, makes his supper five nights a week, pays the bills, deals with insurance and utilities people when they need to be dealt with and takes care of all the little stuff he TAKES FOR GRANTED. Ya know like blow-jobs and incidentals like that.

Yeah, that would be me.

That’s why when I say to him, “My car won’t start.” I expect him to do more than put the fucking battery charger on it for ten minutes, tell me he doesn’t know what’s wrong with it and tell me to call our mechanic.

Which he would NOT do if one of his buddies drove in the yard and said, “Dude, my car’s fucked, I need help.” If THAT happened, he would fire up the wood stove, move his bike and let his buddy pull his car in the garage and they’d be out there until the wee hours, working on that car.

I do NOT expect to have to try THREE FUCKING USELESS battery chargers and call my girlfriend who works for a fucking parts store for help before I remember that the ONE battery charger that works has been “on loan” since last summer.

I expect him to occasionally say, “My God, honey, you must be so tired from COUGHING ALL FUCKING NIGHT. I’ll sleep on the sofa once so you can get a good night’s rest.”

Which he actually DID last night.

And the taxes got done TODAY.

There’s a moral to that story in there somewhere.


It’s 20 fucking degrees with 50MPH winds – what the HELL is going on here?