educated guess

I love what I do – really, really love what I do.

I do not however always love the people I work with.

A couple of weeks ago, a current client referred someone to me. What she wanted was very simple – a very close duplication of her current, free site.

I took a look at the site. Yup, I can do it.

Here is how much time it’ll take me (8hrs) and here is my quote (hourly w/a bit of a discount because she was referred by a current client).

Easy job.

She was tickled, so happy. Couldn’t wait to get started.

Sent me the money.

Sent me an email saying (paraphrased): “Oh BTW, I am a control freak.”

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Mama Had A Baby And His Head Popped Off

Okay … I know that in order for me to actually get back to doing this on a daily (or even a semi-regular) basis, I am gonna have to force myself to write every day.

The problem THERE is that I already HAVE a routine, one that I’ve been following for quite some time and trying to fit something new in is gonna fuck with THAT. That right THERE is the reason that I no longer walk every morning.

Consider yourselves blessed. I chose you over fitness.

So, okay, this is the routine:

  • wake-up
  • GET up
  • pee
  • feed the dog and cats (their dishes are in the bathroom)
  • let the dog out to pee
  • go start the coffee
  • let the dog back in
  • bitch because TheBoy hasn’t taken the garbage out in so long that it’s crawling out to the bins by itself
  • turn on the radio and fiddle with the antenna becuase Bob and Tom come in for shit in the house
  • pour a cup of coffee
  • check my email
  • check all the industry boards for potential new clients
  • work on current’s clients’ sites or random designs
  • coffee has cooled off enough so that I can take my meds (this is a fairly recent additon to the schedule)
  • at 9am turn off the radio and turn on the TV in the living room so as to be able to hear “Nash Bridges” for the next two hours
  • random work related stuff
  • about noonish throw in a load of laundry

My day goes on pretty much the same, UNLESS BigD is out of town (which he is this week). When he’s out of town I generally take a nap around 2pm, sleep until 5pm, get up and eat, watch a little TV, work a little, call him about 8pm, then go to bed.

This entry is serving double duty; it gets my routine out there so that any stalkers or generally crazy people know exactly where I am and what I’m doing at any given time and it also reminds me of what I’m supposed to be doing.

Whatever …

So be prepared for a couple of these baby step retarded posts before I actually get back to NORMAL retarded posts.

Love and outies.

Head Out of My Ass

I get pissed off when the WonderSpouse (aka BigDaddy) tells me that I am gullible. After all, gullible is just another way of saying stupid, right? But it’s also another way of saying trusting. It could also be another way of saying that one would rather see the good in people and believe that others are as honest and straighforward as one tries to be.

Unfortunately, every fucking day of my life I am reminded that I am indeed gullible – and not in a good way, either.

So … if you find that I’m just a bit stand-offish when you come into my home screaming and ranting about the latest unbelievably AWFUL thing that has happened in your life, remember how you completely ignored me when I was upset over a recent offspring related event in my life.

If you ask me to do something – borrow $20, remind you that your car registration is due or have a talk with your lunatic ex – and it seems like I can’t find the time, ask yourself what your answer was when I asked you stop by the store and pick me up a loaf of bread on your way home from work.

If you throw two – or ten – extra things to do at me and I don’t do them double-time with a smile no matter how long it takes me, as is my normal modus operandi, ask yourself how quickly YOU did the last thing I asked you to do. Or whether you did what YOU PROMISED ME you’d do.

Then back the fuck off me, cuz TheBytch is done rollin’ like that.

I’m outie.