To say that I am something less than a good housekeeper would be an understatement. I’m nowhere near “Hoarders” level, but let’s just say that no one would be safe eating off my floors and I usually have enough dog hair around to knit another dog.


I do seasonal cleaning, though, spring and fall. It takes me nearly a month to do it, but it DOES get done. Fortunately my house is tiny. Sidenote: I made the remark last week that our house was the size of a shoebox, and BigD was offended. I had to explain to him that it wasn’t meant as an insult – I LOVE my little house and wouldn’t want it to be any bigger. Honestly, why are men so obsessed with SIZE? 😈

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old house burning down

Okay, since this is the first Monday of the year, I’m gonna get started on how things are gonna go around here.

Mondays will be house day. I’m going to go through my list of DIY blogs and re-purposing blogs, then pick one or two projects to do.

The big projects that I want to get done this year are:

The Bedroom – both dressers, the nightstands and the sidebench need to be painted. I had thought maybe white, but I think I’ll be going with an pale, antiqued yellow. The floor needs to be done, as well, but I can’t do anything about that. I don’t think I can, but you never know, I may learn a thing or two in the next year.

I can’t do any kind of painting now as there is nowhere for me to paint without killing all of us with the fumes since the house is so small. So that’s a spring/summer thing.

The Kitchen – I have a list of bookmarks as long as my arm showing how to re-do those damn cupboards and countertops. Again, this is one of those projects that need ventilation and space. I’m going to have to take a the hardware off the drawers and cupboards and take the doors off, as well.

This is one of those projects, like the bedroom did, that will have to wait until BigD is out of town. In the meantime, I’ve picked this option of re-doing the cupboards and I need to start purchasing the materials (paint, hardware, crown molding, etc.) so that I’ll have everything on hand when he goes out of town.

I keep putting the kitchen off and doing easier things, but this REALLY needs to get done ASAP.

The Dining Room – I need to buy two more short bookcases and attach them to the wall on top of the existing bookshelves, paint them white and attach crown molding. I need to finish the trim, paint the basement door and frame it out.

I want to get rid of the desk and make a flat desk for the computer, making it look like a built-in to the bookcases.

I MIGHT re-finish my dining room table.

I haven’t got anything firm in mind for the bathroom yet (and I’m not even THINKING about the upstairs), but this drying rack is awesome and something I’ll likely put together before spring.

Tuesdays will be my photography day: learning, practicing, etc.

And that’s all I have for now. But this is pre-plan for the plans, so … 🙂