so you can sleep at night

What to do today?

I really don’t have that much goin’ on these days. My spring cleaning is nearly done; I only have the kitchen left, but I figure I better take a week or so off after last week or I will be TOTALLY fucking useless for a month.

Y’know, instead of just half-assed useless.

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To say that I am something less than a good housekeeper would be an understatement. I’m nowhere near “Hoarders” level, but let’s just say that no one would be safe eating off my floors and I usually have enough dog hair around to knit another dog.


I do seasonal cleaning, though, spring and fall. It takes me nearly a month to do it, but it DOES get done. Fortunately my house is tiny. Sidenote: I made the remark last week that our house was the size of a shoebox, and BigD was offended. I had to explain to him that it wasn’t meant as an insult – I LOVE my little house and wouldn’t want it to be any bigger. Honestly, why are men so obsessed with SIZE? 😈

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can’t find a better man

Feh .. feeling kinda rotten today. I decided on Sunday that this would be the week to get the spring cleaning done. That way I’d be ready to go when it really got nice.

Of course, Mother Nature has been showing a strange sense of humor this year … we’ve been enjoying decidedly early summer weather the past week or so. I have a sneaking suspicion that it’ll be colder than a witch’s tit once true spring actually gets here.

Anyway, got the porch mostly done on Monday, except for the windows.

Yesterday, I got the dogs off to the groomer, then tackled the living room carpet. After two hours of trying to figure out why my Bissell didn’t work, I went and rented a RugDoctor. To say that I’m pissed is to put it lightly, but – the show must go on.

Fortunately I have only one room of carpet.

Got the dogs clean, most of the laundry clean, all but the French door windows and the carpet clean in the living room. I will be doing the windows on the porch and the French doors today and then likely taking a break until at least the weekend.

I KNOW I should go to the doctor, but I am still not over the LAST fiasco. It’s difficult to have any kind of trust or confidence in your healthcare giver when they continuously focus on minor issues (Fibromyalgia and the fact that I occasionally have more than one beer in a sitting) and completely ignore the excruciating pain that makes my every day life unbearable. Going to sleep and not waking up sometimes looks more and more attractive.

I keep thinking I’m ahead of the game; both my parents were dead by the time they were my age, so … every day for me is a bonus, lol.

Went to TheBaby and her boy’s house this weekend – these were my favorite photos. And my most recent favorite pic of BigD.