TheBaby and HerBoy

so you can sleep at night

What to do today?

I really don’t have that much goin’ on these days. My spring cleaning is nearly done; I only have the kitchen left, but I figure I better take a week or so off after last week or I will be TOTALLY fucking useless for a month.

Y’know, instead of just half-assed useless.

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molly’s lips

A little bit o’ the bitchy today, darlins.

I know I’m old, not quite red hat old, but pretty much older than the majority of the peeps I hang out with on the Internets (yeah, I know I’m too old to talk like that – whatevs), but honest to God, if I see one more FB post or Internet board post from a 20-something with a little kid (ONE kid) complaining about how fucking tired she is after a whole day of doing ABSOLUTELY fucking nothing, I am going to scream.

Baby, you don’t KNOW tired. Try having a two year old, a six week old and going back to work – from 6pm until 2am. And I worked until a week BEFORE the baby was born, 40 hours a week on my feet, eight hours a night.

Yeah, try that a little bit.

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