rain check

Bah … cold and rain and sleet and ice. Welcome to Wisconsin. You can totally disregard all the beautiful photos on the official tourism site cuz it does NOT look like that around here.

Feh …

BigD is home today.


So far he’s been tolerable, but y’know that could change at any time. I love my husband, as y’all know, but there are days he can make me CRAZY – case in point, as I was typing this he came up behind me and blew/moaned in my ear and scared the snot out of me.

Oh yeah, this is gonna be a great day.


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basket case

I just told BigD that if I could learn how to mix chemicals that can change the color and shape of a person’s hair I should be able to learn how to take good pictures. I would think that learning how to use a new program would also fall into that category.

Apparently those concepts don’t apply to old brains.


But I am going to byGod keep trying.

I’ve recently downloaded a trial version of Lightroom, as I understand that it’s the bees knees for photographers.

[ … ]

It makes my head hurt.

I don’t want to take pictures professionally. I don’t want to make money off my photography. I want to take nice photos for myself and my kids.

I guess this is one of those posts where I refer to my word of the year and say that I believe in myself and that I know I can do this.

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You Capture | Cold

One would think in a state where the predicted temperature has been below 0° that I would be able to find a suitable photo for my first “You Capture” – apparently NOT.

I’ve given it my best shot (bahaha):



Snow on Leaves

Wind Chime

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