lost and found

I did it, I broke down and bought a “real” camera. My Canon XTi was delivered last week and …


I can see that I have the ability to make the pictures I haven’t been able to do with the S5, but OMG, I have so MUCH to learn!

Over the past month I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Innernet, following and liking and pinning … and I think I might be building up enough confidence to do something with the stupid thing.

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basket case

I just told BigD that if I could learn how to mix chemicals that can change the color and shape of a person’s hair I should be able to learn how to take good pictures. I would think that learning how to use a new program would also fall into that category.

Apparently those concepts don’t apply to old brains.


But I am going to byGod keep trying.

I’ve recently downloaded a trial version of Lightroom, as I understand that it’s the bees knees for photographers.

[ … ]

It makes my head hurt.

I don’t want to take pictures professionally. I don’t want to make money off my photography. I want to take nice photos for myself and my kids.

I guess this is one of those posts where I refer to my word of the year and say that I believe in myself and that I know I can do this.

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Without a Shield

Well, lookit it snow! I hate snow, I really do, but it’s pretty to look at out the window!

I am waiting for propagation on a couple of sites, so rather than actually do something productive in the meantime (oh, like folding the laundry … WHAT? I washed and dried it!), I am over here futzing around.

So! I have been productive this week. More or less. Aside from the laundry, I made a doctor’s appointment (you have no idea how sick I am of doctors), made a hair appointment and made a tattoo appointment.

Last week, after going over the results from the multitude of tests that I’ve had in the past six weeks, I made the –INFORMED – decision to pass on the one I was supposed to have two weeks ago. All previous tests indicate that whatever is wrong with me is not life-threatening, meaning I am in no danger of dying anytime soon, so I see no good reason to spend in excess of $1000 on the off chance they might find out what the hell is going on.

After speaking with my gastroenterologist’s NP (who, quite frankly, I like MUCH better than the doctor), we are going to start me on a gluten-free diet, which was one of the things they suspected. Three months, gluten free, we’ll see how the fuck THAT goes.

Oh, I did however find this out:

Our beer is gluten free. Its primary ingredient is rice and the barley that is used in brewing is turned into amino acids during the brewing process and our scientists have been unable to detect any gluten.” ~a direct quote from Budweiser

So, nyah …

I also made an appt. with my GP to gauge the possibility of being prescribed a hypothyroid med; I’ve spoken to several people with similar symptoms who’ve benefited from the med even though there was no indication that they were actually hypothyridic. So we shall see what we shall see on that front.

I have felt like shit for so long that I wouldn’t know what feeling good actually felt like.

The haircut is because I suddenly have this stupid chunk of hair that will NOT stay out of my eyes – I feel like a horse with an unruly forelock.

And the tattoo – well, ya’ll will just have to wait and see.

I’m off, I have a hosting company to chew out.