wait a minute

And the weekend is here, yay!

Snippet from last night:

BigD: What did you do to your eyes, they’re all red.

Me: Uh, five little sharp needles attached to a tattoo gun will do that. Do you know me?

I swear to God, I sometimes wonder if he doesn’t have early onset Alzheimers.

Anyway, yes I did let my BFF at my eyelids again with a tattoo gun. Yes, she is licensed and knows what’s she’s doing. Yes, we are going to do it again in three weeks. No, she won’t be drinking anything until she’s done with my eyes.

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where’s the party

So, what will we be doing on Wednesdays at Casa de Loca?

I’m thinking probably putting emphasis on MadBee Web Design. That means marketing myself more aggressively (not something I’m very good at or looking forward to).

The end of 2011 was pretty good, I know if I put some effort into it, 2012 will be better. And Wednesdays will be my day to do that. Today I’m going to start listing my services all over hell and gone and put together an advertising package – postcards, business cards, etc.

This afternoon I’ll make a list of local businesses that don’t have website and send out a bunch of postcards next Wednesday.

When I opened my nail salon (seems like a hundred years ago) I did something similar EVERY week. I would pore over the Sunday paper, make lists of all the newly engaged women and send them postcards with some deal to get their nails done for the wedding.

About once a month I’d go around to local businesses that might be frequented by women (gyms, the bridal salons, etc) and hang up posters offering specials.

I built up a pretty good little clientele that way.

Without the Internet :: gasp ::

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all that much

I’ve been coming to grips with a certain fact for quite some time. It’s not something that I’m happy about, but it’s also not something that I can ignore or compromise; I just have to buck the fuck up and face it.

I am not GETTING old. I AM old.

No more short, frilly skirts; hell, no more short skirts at all.

No sexy summer tops, not even if I look good wearing them because I am OLD.

So yesterday I spent an hour and a half watching Bella romp around a friend’s one+ acre yard with her potential “baby-daddy”.

Lots of sniffing from both parties.

Lots of peeing from Bella and resulting “marking of my territory” from PBD (potential baby daddy).

When PBD wasn’t trotting along behind her, attempting to sniff Bella’s nether regions, Bella was mincing daintily after PBD.

There was an occasional and unsuccessful attempt to “mount up.” By both parties (don’t ask, I got nothing).

No go.

We brought him home with us.

Unfortunately that was about as successful as the previous hour and a half. In fact, PBD spent the majority of the time sitting on BigD’s lap, getting his belly rubbed.


We apparently missed the “prime” fertilization window.