To say that I am something less than a good housekeeper would be an understatement. I’m nowhere near “Hoarders” level, but let’s just say that no one would be safe eating off my floors and I usually have enough dog hair around to knit another dog.


I do seasonal cleaning, though, spring and fall. It takes me nearly a month to do it, but it DOES get done. Fortunately my house is tiny. Sidenote: I made the remark last week that our house was the size of a shoebox, and BigD was offended. I had to explain to him that it wasn’t meant as an insult – I LOVE my little house and wouldn’t want it to be any bigger. Honestly, why are men so obsessed with SIZE? 😈

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educated guess

I love what I do – really, really love what I do.

I do not however always love the people I work with.

A couple of weeks ago, a current client referred someone to me. What she wanted was very simple – a very close duplication of her current, free site.

I took a look at the site. Yup, I can do it.

Here is how much time it’ll take me (8hrs) and here is my quote (hourly w/a bit of a discount because she was referred by a current client).

Easy job.

She was tickled, so happy. Couldn’t wait to get started.

Sent me the money.

Sent me an email saying (paraphrased): “Oh BTW, I am a control freak.”

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That Long Dark Tunnel …

… has a light at the end.

I love Paul Thorn, but some days his songs just put me in a blue funk, even the ones that shouldn’t.

Of course, it might be that I am in something of a blue funk anyway, which is sort of curious since this is the time of year when I finally start coming out of that stupid winter funk that starts in the beginning of February (you’d think, with all of the photography equipment I purchased in the last four weeks, I’d be happy until sometime in July).

Right now I am seriously pissed at my husband. You know the guy, the one that I walk around worshiping all the time.

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