When do you start feeling like a grown-up? When do you stop feeling like you’re “over-the-hill”? How can you feel like a gawky pre-teen and a doddering fool at the same time?

Quite the conundrum, eh what?

Remember starting something new, whether it was the first day of school or walking into an aerobics class for the first time? Who knew that both, whether you’re 15 or 45, would feel the same? When do you finally “come into your own”, so to speak, stop being self-conscious or embarrassed or inferior to everyone else in the room?

Does that ever happen? Does anyone actually feel comfortable enough in their skin that they don’t believe other people are sniggering behind their hands?

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runnin’ down a dream

I have issues (say it isn’t SO).

Yup, have ’em and always have.

I have also always been able to learn how to do something by reading everything I can on the subject and then DOING it. Sometimes doing it over and over until I get good at it.

I did it when I wanted to learn to do nails (I actually got so pissed that I went to cosmetology school to get good at that) and I did it when I wanted to learn how to design websites (I learn something new about that and practice every day).

I can safely and shamelessly say that I pretty much rock at doing both.

I AM going to learn how to take nice photos. I DO NOT want to make a living at it, I just want to take nice pix of my kids and my dogs and pumpkins or whatever the hell strikes my fancy.

Watch me go, més Bébés

basket case

I just told BigD that if I could learn how to mix chemicals that can change the color and shape of a person’s hair I should be able to learn how to take good pictures. I would think that learning how to use a new program would also fall into that category.

Apparently those concepts don’t apply to old brains.


But I am going to byGod keep trying.

I’ve recently downloaded a trial version of Lightroom, as I understand that it’s the bees knees for photographers.

[ … ]

It makes my head hurt.

I don’t want to take pictures professionally. I don’t want to make money off my photography. I want to take nice photos for myself and my kids.

I guess this is one of those posts where I refer to my word of the year and say that I believe in myself and that I know I can do this.

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