sun don’t shine

I HATE being sick and I’ve had a lot of practice at it over the past two weeks. Apparently the United States is being attacked by two virulent flu strains. That means if you didn’t get a flu shot (that would be me) you will get the flu. It also means that if you DID […]

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brown paper packages

Yeah, I don’t have enough to stress this time of year. I got four adult people who absolutely [...]

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between planets

Yup … still nothin’. I want, I want, I want … I want some ambition. I want some in[...]

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man in the box

Gah … I hate this time of year. Everything is gray and bald and shutting down. Nothing pretty [...]

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the break-up song

I was recently involved, either marginally or dead-bang in the middle, depending on how you look at [...]

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dancing barefoot over broken glass

Yeah, so I ran into this post recently on the Daily Mail. Anybody notice that it was a RARE form of [...]

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lost woman song

Hello, mes bébés! So long since I’ve been here I hardly know where to start (never stopped m[...]

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