lost woman song

Hello, mes bébés! So long since I’ve been here I hardly know where to start (never stopped me before, did it, lol?)

So what the hell is new at Casa del Loco?

Not much. Actually it’s the same old, same old. Nothing that bad, nothing that good, life is on an even keel. The “bad” thing about that is I get BORED when life is on an even keel. Bored, like wanting to do something to shake things up and y’all know from previous experience that can turn into a disaster, lol. Fortunately, I am just too beat to think up anything scandalous or devastating to mix things up.

So what do I WANT? Funny that, I can’t think of anything I really want.

Oh unless you count THIS:

My little Hidey-Hole

BigD has been promising me for nearly a month to get this put up in the yard. We have nearly all the materials to build it, including the wooden French doors. He keeps blowing me off.

I’m done asking him.

He likely will not appreciate the consequences.

I just looked through my archives for anniversaries past and realized that I still need to get Oct ’99 thru July ’02 online. And apparently, there IS nothing for 2003. Nothing. Anywhere. What the hell is up with that? Where was I and what the hell was I doing?

I DID find this one from the morning of our 15th anniversary party:

And why do I look so stressed? Because it looks like it’s gonna rain like a son-of-a-bitch and see that little piece of earth moving equipment behind me?


We’d just poured our patio the day before and it was making me nuts that the yard wouldn’t be cleaned up in time.

The party actually came off without a hitch and we had a friggin BALL.

(I am amazed at the color and clarity of that photo; taken with a Sony Cybershot!)

Twenty-fifth anniversary party plans are moving steadily along. Pig ordered and off to be butchered next Thursday. BigD has to get his ass in gear for sauerkraut and stuffing; I am in close contact w/Sonja and I believe things are going along well there. Can’t forget buns and condiments. Def putting out my newly canned sweet pickles and dills that TheBaby made.

Speaking of TheBaby, I was going through the archives to find a photo of the cake she made for our 15th anniversary – she was only 13 and she did such a sweet job! But hell … I can’t find it.

And how about them Brewers? The last two games were awesome, particularly Monday nights 9th inning.

Take THAT, Cubbies!


Okay darlins, I am off for the day.