a daisy through concrete

This last week has been a fucking BITCH. So much pain that I just want to go to sleep and stay there until it goes away. Well, it never goes away, but it gets tolerable. Honestly, it’s all I can do to keep from screaming.

This month is chock-full of STUFF.

This weekend is my grand-nephew’s b’day party and Mother’s Day, as well as a graduation celebration for a dear friend’s daughter.

Tuesday is the birthday (whoopie) and we’re going out to eat w/TheBaby and her boy. Next Saturday is our Brewers weekend! I get to see TheBoy and his girlie and I think we’re going to the ZOO!
I am so excited for that.

I really wish I had more – more happy, more fun, more bitchy, more SOMETHING – the way I’m feeling is not conducive to ANYTHING.