studying stones

Feh … back to cold, shitty weather. That’s Wisconsin for ya, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it’ll change.

This does nothing for my disposition folks, nothing at all. There are other things at play here, but the weather does contribute to my wanting to inflict pain on somebody or something.

As you can see, I’ve change the look of the place again, what do you think? Like it? I think it’s pretty. I’ll probably change it again in a month or so, so don’t get too comfortable ;).

So we beat the Cubs last night, but only by the skin of our ass. There was some good ball, but plenty of crap, too. I was actually screaming at the end when the bases were loaded at the bottom of the ninth and it looked as though Axford had reverted to his old butt-clenching glory. My God, it’s only APRIL, I swear, my head is gonna pop off before October.

If I’d have been in the dugout after the 5th, I’d have cuffed TPlush right upside his goofy lookin’ head. I am so over him. Gonzalez however, has redeemed himself a bit in my eyes after his spectacular suck during the Cards series.

Wrigley Field is so cool looking. I’d LOVE to see a Brewers game there.

At some point I SUPPOSE I’m going to have to actually drum up some work. Anyone who thinks that sitting around doing nothing all day is fun, has never actually sat around and done NOTHING all day. “Doing nothing” is not exactly what one is doing. The majority of the time you’re actually doing something that you don’t want to do that some else should have done that won’t get done (and done right) unless YOU do it.

If you’re married or have kids, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

You know if you refer someone to me for a website, YOU get $50, you know that, right?