That Long Dark Tunnel …

… has a light at the end.

I love Paul Thorn, but some days his songs just put me in a blue funk, even the ones that shouldn’t.

Of course, it might be that I am in something of a blue funk anyway, which is sort of curious since this is the time of year when I finally start coming out of that stupid winter funk that starts in the beginning of February (you’d think, with all of the photography equipment I purchased in the last four weeks, I’d be happy until sometime in July).

Right now I am seriously pissed at my husband. You know the guy, the one that I walk around worshiping all the time.

The one that I’ve apparently turned into a self-centered asshole who thinks that what HE wants is top priority over everybody else.

Yeah, that guy.

It doesn’t pay to go into specifics, it’s not the first time I’ve wanted to slit his fucking throat in the last 27 years and God knows, it won’t be the last.

I’ll likely be over it by the end of the day.

But in the event that something would happen to him today – I didn’t do it.