To say that I am something less than a good housekeeper would be an understatement. I’m nowhere near “Hoarders” level, but let’s just say that no one would be safe eating off my floors and I usually have enough dog hair around to knit another dog.


I do seasonal cleaning, though, spring and fall. It takes me nearly a month to do it, but it DOES get done. Fortunately my house is tiny. Sidenote: I made the remark last week that our house was the size of a shoebox, and BigD was offended. I had to explain to him that it wasn’t meant as an insult – I LOVE my little house and wouldn’t want it to be any bigger. Honestly, why are men so obsessed with SIZE? 😈

I am in the midst of Spring cleaning right now and really happy about it. We’ve had an awesome break in the weather and Spring came around a bit early, temps were in the mid-70’s last week (though it looks as though we’re back to normal now – 40’s and 50’s)!!!

I feel like stomped on dogshit at the end of the day, and it’s been taking me twice as long to get my ass in gear in the morning, but on a happier note, I AM sleeping better at night, lol. Being exhausted does have it perks.

Also, there’s a lot to be said for being able to look out your damn windows, lol.

Today I am working on the kitchen. I HATE washing kitchen walls. I’d just as soon paint over the f*ckers than wash them.

Feh …

Sweet Shot Day
Here are a couple photos from the weekend .. I am kinda sorta starting to get this.