molly’s lips

A little bit o’ the bitchy today, darlins.

I know I’m old, not quite red hat old, but pretty much older than the majority of the peeps I hang out with on the Internets (yeah, I know I’m too old to talk like that – whatevs), but honest to God, if I see one more FB post or Internet board post from a 20-something with a little kid (ONE kid) complaining about how fucking tired she is after a whole day of doing ABSOLUTELY fucking nothing, I am going to scream.

Baby, you don’t KNOW tired. Try having a two year old, a six week old and going back to work – from 6pm until 2am. And I worked until a week BEFORE the baby was born, 40 hours a week on my feet, eight hours a night.

Yeah, try that a little bit.

Try having an 8 y/o and a 10 y/o and running your own business, which is in a town 20 miles away and you have to work ten hour days. Oh yeah, let’s don’t forget having to make sure that the fam is fed and their clothes are clean. How’s THAT for fucking tired?

I am also pretty much over all of these chickies who have to have the latest, greatest, bestest, newest – even if they just got the LAST latest, greatest, bestest, newest ten months ago – of everything whether it’s a marble countertop or $400 dollar purse.

Jesus Jumpin’ Christ on crutches! I don’t think every purse I own right now cost $400 total.

I suppose the solution tho this dilemma is to get my arse off the Internets and actually DO something before the top of my head pops off.

(Standard disclaimer: this is NOT aimed at any of my peeps, )