rain check

Bah … cold and rain and sleet and ice. Welcome to Wisconsin. You can totally disregard all the beautiful photos on the official tourism site cuz it does NOT look like that around here.

Feh …

BigD is home today.


So far he’s been tolerable, but y’know that could change at any time. I love my husband, as y’all know, but there are days he can make me CRAZY – case in point, as I was typing this he came up behind me and blew/moaned in my ear and scared the snot out of me.

Oh yeah, this is gonna be a great day.


For those of you following along, today is Make-It Monday, and I have a whole whompin’ list of shi – erm, activities on the agenda, so I am off to get started.

I LOVE the Pinterest

Pinterest really isn’t meant to be a “creative” outlet. Nor is it meant to be a productive activity.

It’s meant to hoard a bunch of other peoples’ creativity and COPY it (providing, of course, that you aren’t too lazy to do so).

Get it right people, before you start judging.