No, I haven’t forgotten about the blog and fallen off the face of the earth again – I’ve been BUSY.

Okay, maybe not so busy, maybe distracted is a better word.


Okay, how about lazy? Why don’t we just call me lazy and call a fish a fish.

There, got that out of the way.

So … what HAVE been doing.

Well, I’ve been pretty crafty.

I finished my rain boots:

Rain Boots

I didn’t make these for looks, just so you know. I am not the kind of woman that dresses in the latest “coolness” just to go to the mall.

These might better be called mud boots or lake boots because as you know, the back yard turns into “Little Lake Mud” in the spring and I really do get a lot of use out of them. I imagine those pretty bows will be shot to shit by the time Spring is over. But I’ll be able to enjoy their prettiness until then.

OH! Speaking of malls, though I’d rather not in order to keep my blood pressure at a manageable level. Last year for Christmas, BigD got me a “Love’s Embrace” ring from Kay Jewelers to match the necklace I’d gotten the year before.

In August the big, center diamond fell out. I took the ring in to have it repaired.

In November, one of the smaller diamonds fell out. I took it in to have it repaired.

In December another smaller diamond fell out. I took it in to have it repaired.

Last week I went to pick it up and after being treated like I had leprosy by the salesman, I realized that:

  1. I was really pissed off.
  2. I was never going to purchase another piece of jewelry from Kay Jewelers
  3. Somebody at corporate needed to know what was going one

When I got home I fired off a a fairly reasonable email to Kay Jewelers, explaining the situation. As of this afternoon, it’s been resolved as they’re going to replace the ring, but I’m still pissed off and I’m will NEVER purchase another piece of jewelry from them.

While the two managers I spoke to repeated “I’m sorry for your experience” over and over and over, I didn’t feel a lot of sincerity. Especially considering that every time they apologized it was followed by an excuse:

Sometimes a prong will catch on a piece of material, loosening, then causing the stone to fall out.

This ring is made of sterling silver, which doesn’t really hold stones well.

I see that the ring had to be re-sized by two sizes, it should have been special order to start with.

Wow, really? You’re really blaming the person who purchased the ring for shoddy original workmanship and/or failure to point the above out BEFORE the ring was purchased?

Gah …

There is little I dislike more than smarmy, condescending apologies.

Well THERE! Now that I’ve got that out, I feel so much better.

I’ve also been fooling with the camera a bit more:

Obviously I am better with animals and inanimate objects than I am with people – especially myself. It seems as though I am thoroughly un-photogenic. Of course, that’s nothing new to me, I think there might be maybe a dozen photos of me taken over the past 30 years that I actually like, so … I don’t know that it’s my photography skills.

Okay, I am off …