asking too much

Let’s face it, all the damn pep talks in the world are NOT going to make me like pictures of myself. There have been damn few that I’ve liked in the past fifty years, and that includes that picture of me sitting in my Grandpa’s red leather chair with Grandma holding my hand to keep my from falling on my fat face.

I just do NOT photograph well, and it doesn’t matter if I’m being photographed by a professional or if I’m doing some dang Internet exercise.

I am NOT photogenic.

First Ever Selfie - kinda

:: sigh ::

Yesterday morning I cracked myself the hell up. I always play 70’s music on my Sansa when I’m in the shower and sing along. Badly. But that doesn’t matter because I am a 70’s baby and I don’t care what I sound like, those songs make me happy.

Anyway, KC & the Sunshine Band’s “Get Down Tonight” came on and I’m a-rockin’ and a-rollin’ and doin’ the Hustle to the Greatest Hits of 1975.

That made me chuckle.

Then I wondered if I’d be singing those same songs when I was seventy, which naturally led to me to picturing myself in one of those walk-in showers at the age of seventy singing “(December 1963) Oh What a Night” by Frankie Valli or “Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting” b Carl Douglas.

I got to laughing so hard, I actually snorted. Laughing in the shower is not recommended for ANYBODY, but much less so for someone like me who has a damn hard walking across a bare floor without doing myself some sort of injury. It’s much safer to chair-dance.

This is kind of a last minute addition, but humor ne okay 😉 ?

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a Silhouette Cameo.


Turns out one of the DIY blogs I follow, Little Miss Momma is doing a giveaway.

Little Miss Momma Silhouette Giveaway

So I am adding this to today’s entry, as it is one of the requirements to being considered.

Wish me luck, babies.