sound the warning

I did a stoopid thing tonight. It’s not the first time and Gawd knows it won’t be the last. But I did it and it left me feeling all … I can’t think of the word or phrase that I want, but it’s similar to “what the fuck have I done with my life“.

You know, like that.

Anyway, in looking for inspiration for a design for a new client I got sucked into all those awesome-wonderful blogs. You know the ones I mean: the thought-provoking writers, the drool-inspiring cooks, the drag-it-out-of-the-trash-and-make-it-shine decorators, the one shutter click/instant art photographers.

I don’t so much hate them as I envy their being able to grasp one interest and refine it – although there is that woman that can do almost everything. Well. And she’s really pretty.

Grrr …

But, I digest.

I also envy them the Internet. Though it’s more than likely a story I tell myself to make me feel better, I think if the Internet had been around 30 years ago, in it’s current incarnation, my life may have turned out different.

Of course, I KNOW that DIFFERENT does NOT equal BETTER, and I don’t have much to complain about now, so …


NONE of the above is to say that I am unhappy with my life as it is now or that I wish things were different – I DON’T.

Of course, I have bitches and nits – everybody does. Especially everybody who’s been married to the same person for over half their lives. Two people, getting older, having to deal with all the inevitable changes that aging brings to themselves as well as the person they live with, is not an easy thing.

But I cannot think of any other possible version of my life that I would trade the current version for.

Well, I probably wouldn’t say no if these fucking allergies would disappear.


I finished Night Shift and have moved on to The Dead Zone.

A & E has been running a commercial for “Bag of Bones” and it’s tempting me to break order and jump ahead, but I’m gonna really try and follow through on something.

Funny though, I don’t remember the book being as creepy as that video. Let’s hope the movie is HALF as creepy.

OMG – really?