Well Fuck It …

I’ve been up ten minutes and I am already pissed off first, here’s the assHOLE in San Antonio:

Butch Armstrong said the fence has helped to buffer the sound between the school and his home [ … ], a short street running behind the schoolyard, but noise is still a problem. He would like the district to change a traffic pattern that has a long line of cars dropping off and retrieving children at the rear of the school and to monitor the property so community members do not use the school grounds on nights and weekends.

[ … ]

According to a Universal City police report, Armstrong told an officer that “police, fire, ambulances and the USAF training jets are not unreasonable, but the noise coming from the elementary school was.”


And this, well this is just quite possibly one of the stupidest things EVER.

And allergies?  Yes, allergies can kiss my FAT ass.

ERM … that would be MY allergies, NOT Malia’s allergies.