Mama Had A Baby And His Head Popped Off

Okay … I know that in order for me to actually get back to doing this on a daily (or even a semi-regular) basis, I am gonna have to force myself to write every day.

The problem THERE is that I already HAVE a routine, one that I’ve been following for quite some time and trying to fit something new in is gonna fuck with THAT. That right THERE is the reason that I no longer walk every morning.

Consider yourselves blessed. I chose you over fitness.

So, okay, this is the routine:

  • wake-up
  • GET up
  • pee
  • feed the dog and cats (their dishes are in the bathroom)
  • let the dog out to pee
  • go start the coffee
  • let the dog back in
  • bitch because TheBoy hasn’t taken the garbage out in so long that it’s crawling out to the bins by itself
  • turn on the radio and fiddle with the antenna becuase Bob and Tom come in for shit in the house
  • pour a cup of coffee
  • check my email
  • check all the industry boards for potential new clients
  • work on current’s clients’ sites or random designs
  • coffee has cooled off enough so that I can take my meds (this is a fairly recent additon to the schedule)
  • at 9am turn off the radio and turn on the TV in the living room so as to be able to hear “Nash Bridges” for the next two hours
  • random work related stuff
  • about noonish throw in a load of laundry

My day goes on pretty much the same, UNLESS BigD is out of town (which he is this week). When he’s out of town I generally take a nap around 2pm, sleep until 5pm, get up and eat, watch a little TV, work a little, call him about 8pm, then go to bed.

This entry is serving double duty; it gets my routine out there so that any stalkers or generally crazy people know exactly where I am and what I’m doing at any given time and it also reminds me of what I’m supposed to be doing.

Whatever …

So be prepared for a couple of these baby step retarded posts before I actually get back to NORMAL retarded posts.

Love and outies.