Head Out of My Ass

I get pissed off when the WonderSpouse (aka BigDaddy) tells me that I am gullible. After all, gullible is just another way of saying stupid, right? But it’s also another way of saying trusting. It could also be another way of saying that one would rather see the good in people and believe that others are as honest and straighforward as one tries to be.

Unfortunately, every fucking day of my life I am reminded that I am indeed gullible – and not in a good way, either.

So … if you find that I’m just a bit stand-offish when you come into my home screaming and ranting about the latest unbelievably AWFUL thing that has happened in your life, remember how you completely ignored me when I was upset over a recent offspring related event in my life.

If you ask me to do something – borrow $20, remind you that your car registration is due or have a talk with your lunatic ex – and it seems like I can’t find the time, ask yourself what your answer was when I asked you stop by the store and pick me up a loaf of bread on your way home from work.

If you throw two – or ten – extra things to do at me and I don’t do them double-time with a smile no matter how long it takes me, as is my normal modus operandi, ask yourself how quickly YOU did the last thing I asked you to do. Or whether you did what YOU PROMISED ME you’d do.

Then back the fuck off me, cuz TheBytch is done rollin’ like that.

I’m outie.