pocket full of kryptonite

Ah, okay. I am officially fired. But only after she took me off the schedule “indefinitely” TWICE and I called her on it both times. Then of course, I got the old “Sure now you can sit home and collect unemployment off me” whine. Whatever. I may or may not, I haven’t decided. I don’t particularly NEED the unemployment, but …

The whole thing ended with her NOT ONCE addressing any of the valid points I raised. The lies, the fact that she can’t admit to being wrong, that she everything in her life is measured in terms of MONEY, whether it’s friendship or the quality of her employees work … her last reply was: “your poor husband, your poor husband, your poor husband” Which, of course has EVERYTHING to do with the situation at hand. Not so much. I didn’t reply to that one. While I WILL argue until the last dog is hung, I absolutely refuse to bring other people into it, or to get dragged into “sticks and stones” crap. My husband, and his misfortune of being married to me have nothing to do with the situation.

So, while I DO feel a little bit like a bitch for calling her out on the bullshit and I’m sure, making her crazy than she already is (I KNOW how she hates to be wrong and no matter what she wrote, this has GOT to be driving her nuts that someone has every one of her numbers) and acting a little bit juvenile, she brought it all on herself. She should’ve known me well enough to know that once I got really pissed off, all bets were off. I may or may not put up indefinitely with someone treating ME like shit, but it’s a whole different story when my kids are involved.

The BigD left for the week again this morning … wa-aaaa-aaaah!!! I HATE when he’s gone, I abso-fucking-lutely HATE it. I hate sleeping alone, I hate being alone in the house at night (without another adult), I just hate it. What a puss I am.

‘Kay, I’m off to … Christ, I have no idea.